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Cambodian Magic Mushroom(28g)

$200.00 recommends the Cambodian Mushrooms be taken at doses between 2 to 3.5 grams. Check out our shop for more mushrooms and cannabis goodies!

Buy Cambodian Mushroom (28g) Online

Here comes the “Sativa of Mushrooms”, the Cambodian Mushrooms in stock. Many users associate that title with this strain because of its euphoric yet energising effects.

The Cambodian strain is perfect for energy-demanding situations such as social conventions and creative activities.

It will give you an instant boost of energy and a feeling of excitement which may also be accompanied by hallucinogenic effects so be cautious with smoking it.

Cambodian Psilocybe Cubensis | Dried Mushrooms | Buy Shrooms                                                                                  Buy Cambodian Magic Mushroom

Cambodian Magic Mushrooms

This excellent strain discovered from the Angkor Wat temple is known to increase creative impulses in the body, perfect for users who need to get a lot of work done and want to philosophize on it at the same time.

It is incredibly potent and has long-lasting effects making users love it for treating lack of focus, lack of motivation, and procrastination. Cambodian Mushroom for sale

Cambodian Cubensis - Magic Mushrooms

This is a unique ‘shroom as its light on the hallucinating effects yet produces a strong energetic trip. For this reason this strain has earned the reputation as being the ‘’sativa of mushrooms’’.

You can expect feelings of euphoria with an energetic long lasting high whilst not tripping balls. This strain is well suited to social events and parties. At low doses users report long lasting energy, focus and drive.


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